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Tallwish has been called the 'best online wish list'. Tallwish is private and easy to use.

Tallwish is FREE Forever. Tallwish is loaded with features that let you privately stay in touch with your family. Get started and see why members love Tallwish so much!

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"My family of 20+ loves your site. My 80 year old mother used to manage everyone’s lists with people calling her every time they made a purchase to cross off the list, and email out the revisions…it was a full-time job for her. Everything is much better now…Thank you, Tallwish!" - A.R.

"This site is awesome! Beats every other online wish list on the Internet. Great job! Cheers"  - L.H.
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Family Wish List - Great for parents, kids, everyone! Birthday Reminders - Don't miss another birthday
Instant Family Messaging - No waiting for messages
Event Calendars and Shared Notes
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For Your Family's Eyes Only

Unlike most social sites, Tallwish keeps your wish lists, photos, discussions, comments, etc. completely private. Only your family can see your personal family information.

Easy As (eating) Pie

Tallwish focuses on making it easy to communicate with your family.

Have Fun

Have fun on Tallwish. Our family is always posting funny pictures, or funny comments about a picture, or a funny bulletin board comments.

Membership is Free Forever

Tallwish membership is forever completely free. Try it and enjoy!

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