Welcome to Tallwish, formerly Family Wish List

Tallwish was designed to simplify family and small group communication. To accomplish this goal, Tallwish members can share photos, wish lists, bulletin board messages, reminders, shared documents and more.

With the family fun gift exchange service, members manipulate wish lists in a simple organized fashion. Yet they are able to preserve the surprise that keeps it fun and unexpected!

Tallwish also provides an integrated event tracking service that reminds members about upcoming important events and holidays.

Tallwish came into existence in 2001 as a result of the usual stress and pressure associated with trying to purchase those perfect holiday gifts for family members of the founder, Brian Amend. Numerous phone calls and paper lists were exchanged in an effort to make sure everyone would be happy with their gift selection. Brian realized that by designing a website which acted as a hub for everyone’s wishes to be listed, all the guesswork, phone calls and stress would be eliminated.

Tallwish has been able to achieve its vision of using technology to enhance communication by automating group activities. Since its inception, Tallwish has grown enormously in popularity, taking on thousands of members from all over the world.