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Family Wish List

"I LOVE this site. It is working so perfectly for our large family grab bag."
-B.F. Tallwish Member
Girl offering present

Get Loved Ones What They Want

Your family will love you for getting them what they want.

Not to mention the free Tallwish Wish List makes it easy for you to know what to get. When it's time to buy gifts for one another, all you do is click a person's gift list!

They're happy, you're happy

Priorities, Priorities

Wish list items can be tagged with a priority! The priorities are:
1 - Must Have, 2 - Love To Have, 3 - Like To Have, and 4 - Thinking About It.

Make A Secret Suggestion
(great for parents)

If you have a gift suggestion for someone in your family, then Tallwish allows you to make a secret suggestion on that person’s wish list.

Other members of your family to see your secret suggestion… but not the person who would be getting the gift. It’s a secret!

The Secret Suggestor is great for parents who want to make suggestions on their children's wish lists.

Sample Wish List

Marcia Brady is checking Bobby's list in the example below.

Tallwish Wish List Screen

Still A Surprise

The person receiving the gift does not know if the item has been selected for purchase or not. Tallwish will not let him/her see what’s been taken…but, the rest of your group can see if the item has been 'taken' to prevent duplicate gifts.

Wish List Discussion

With Tallwish, communication with your family is seamless. Your family can be prodded to update their wish lists. Ask questions about wish list items via group mail.


Wish list items can come from any store, or homemade items (such as Aunt Mabel’s hand-knit sweater), or even re-gifting!

Item Finder

A unique feature of Tallwish is the Item Finder. This handy bit of technology will help you locate items for your own wish list or when purchasing for another in your group. Simply type in the item and click search.

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